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By: Blacksuade

As I kiss her neck she… I feel her hand grab for the couch… I reach for her thigh and feel the warmth of her energy… the look in her eyes are saying please enter me… But the inner me just want to please her… With my tongue I tease her… Pull her close to me and squeeze whisper these words… You sexy bitch now she know how much I want and need her… 100,102 I am talkin fever..Tangled in lust as I feed her..She arched her back as I kiss those particular places..I am the driver of this ship she is my location..

By: Blacksuade

So I suck her georgia peach..Sweat poring I am smelling coco butter as she peak..She said no talking while u fuck me..So I turn her over wit every word I’m thinkin I smack that juice ass..And I growl like a beast she moan like a feen I am her rush in the mist of a real dream..Her legs shake her luv below cream..Then smack that ass now sleep queen..

"The Morning After" By: T

Last nite they heard you scream…. passionately
Kissing your BODY… making it in between….
Light Them Candles baby… I’m ready to sat the Scene….
Let me take you in the SHOWER… You best believe.. we going to be going 4 hours, Im about to make the Neighbors Know “T” name……..

Put your legs on my shoulder that way i get to hold you…I want you 2 bounce that ASS… while your ride me…

Let it Drip on me… That wet pussy is all i need…..
So let me claim what mines.. cause all this time I’ve been waiting on you to call my name……

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Would you mind??????

I wouldn’t mind having ROUGH sex after we argue….
Date Night By: Lexxie

As we walk to the car on our way to dinner
I already know what I want to do to you
Just the way you walk turns me on
You notice how I keep my legs crossed and touch my knee
If you only knew what your touch does to me
It makes me want to touch and taste you so bad
You ask me if I’m alright
And I give you my charming smile and say
“I’m always alright with you Boo!”
And that smile of yours….
Gets me moist every time

As we walk into the restaurant
You put your hand on the small of my back
And it makes me want to fall to my knees
And show you just how bad I want you
But for now I’ll be the lady you want in the streets
As we sit and enjoy our meal and conversation
I take my foot and massage what I really want
You know just how much I want it
You start to talk dirty to me
You tell me how you can’t wait to feel me
As we eat out dessert you notice how I lick my spoon
And now you know what I want.

You rush to pay the bill and rush me to the car
You kissed my lips and I melted in my seat.
When we made it back to the house we kiss again
And now I melt in your arms… your strong arms that I love
You turn me around, zip me down, take off my dress, and left my pounds
You tell me how you wanna taste me and I tell you it’s yours
My body is on fire from the passion down below
Every moan gets louder as you make love to me with your tongue
Then I scream “I WANNA FEEL YOU BABY!”
And you tell me “Your wish is my command baby!”

And you tell me “Your wish is my command baby!”

You fill me and I want more… all of you
The more I moan the harder you love me
I need it all and baby I know what to do
I push you on your back and now I’m in charge 
And now I have all of you 
I told you I could take it!
I go for the ride that I’ve been waiting for 
I love it when you say my name daddy!
I want you in every way so I hop off to taste you
All of you

Licking, kissing suck the life out of you
I love it when you look at me taste you
You tell me that you want it from the back
And I eagerly jump to your command
You know how I love it when you pull my hair
You scream how you love how I feel
And how much you love me 
Then you flip me over and whisper in my ear
“I wanna see your face when we cum together… you are so beautiful baby”
And I scream how much I love you and how you’re the best
And then I have and inter body experience as we cum together
Me … and my Boo
Damn I love my man!

Because of the snow….. we can make hot chocolate, watch movies, and make love all night!!!